All of our Women’s Self Defense Programs teach simple, powerful, and effective personal protection strategies that are easy to understand and remember. Participants learn how to recognize predatory behavior before it becomes a threat, diffuse it verbally, if possible, and to apply effective physical self-defense techniques, if necessary.

What makes the Safety Team different?

The Safety Team’s all female format means the classes are comfortable and the instructors know first hand the concerns facing women. The team not only consists of women skilled in the martial arts, but who also deal with the issues of violence against women in their professional lives. See our team page for more information. This means that we are aware and sensitive to situations that may trigger women and are careful to ensure that participants feel empowered and supported. Our philosophy is for participants to be comfortably challenged!

“Reflecting upon my first ever self defense class I took yesterday…it was one of the most enlightening two hours I have lived in a while..”–SS –participant in Level I Women’s Self Defense Class

Level I: The 2 hour introductory women’s self defense program (level I) includes a focus on:
• recognizing pre-assault behavior
• ways to deter or avoid an attack before it becomes physical
• how predators think and what they look for in their victims
• decision making around lifestyle choices that minimize vulnerability yet maintain personal freedoms
• how to find the inner strength to fight back.

Level II: The 2 hour intermediate women’s self-defense program Level II takes this program one step further, allowing for a brief review, practice of acquired strikes, and instruction of additional basic self defense techniques to deal with a variety of situations and potential attacks. The focus will be on “hands on” self defense skills, techniques and strategies. Level I is a prerequisite for this class.

Level III: The 2 hour advanced women’s self-defense program Level III reviews the strikes learned in Level I and Level II as well as the defense skills, techniques and strategies learned previously. In addition students are given the opportunity to practice scenarios against members of the Safety Team or a padded attacker, whichever they are comfortable with. All activities are at the discretion of the participant. Level I and II are prerequisites for this class.

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Fun at the Pizzagalli Training!

Custom Classes and Focus Areas:

We will design a program to meet your individual or group self-defense and personal safety goals.


Our formats include:

One time event: 2-8 hours per workshop

Self-Defense Weekly Series: One class per week for up to four to six weeks, 2-4 hours per class

Personalized Self-Defense Classes: Corporate classes, courses for college, high school and middle school aged girls or mother-daughter workshops.

Realtor/Home Visit Workers: Individuals who go into people’s homes for their profession face different challenges than others. We teach classes dealing with these unique challenges to help keep your employees safe.

 “My staff told me that Safety Team Women’s Self Defense Training was one of the best staff meetings that they had ever attended. This was a program of high interest. Many people were surprised that we had fun and laughed while we were learning.” –Ellen, Nurse Manager, Franklin County Social Service Agency, Safety Team Corporate Class

Check out this video to get an idea of our classes. We hope Katy Perry doesn’t mind us using her awesome song as inspiration!

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Growing Stronger…..Together!

The Safety Team, Inc., is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization located in Vermont dedicated to enhancing the well-being, safety and empowerment of women. Help support our programs!