Volunteer for The Safety Team

There are many ways that our volunteers help move this mission forward. No special skills are necessary, just a shared passion for making the world safer, one empowered person at a time.

Volunteer opportunities:

  1. Set up, Greeter, Sign Up Table
    You like interacting with people and making them feel at ease? This role requires minimal preparation but is vital in creating a safe space. Help set up the space, warmly welcome the participants and check them in. If a participant arrives late, you are there to help.
  2. Discussion presenter
    You like public speaking, have a good sense of humor, and are quick on your feet? You could join the team in presenting the curriculum for our Level 1 workshops!
  3. Actor (pre-assault cues, body for targets, unwelcome hugs, skit #1 & 2)
    You like to act out, this is for you!
  4. Small group leader/ Physical Skills
    Public speaking is not really your thing and you would prefer to focus on teaching physical skills, learning to become a small group leader may be a good fit for you!
  5. All of it!
    If all of the above interests you, please consider signing up for our fast-track ESD instructor certification training!
  6. If you like baking you can bring cookies to the workshops.
  7. Not interested in the above, but you have other skills that may be helpful, such as grant writing, fundraising, marketing, photography, and graphic design.
The Safety Team volunteers

Want to do more?

Able to share your professional expertise in marketing, outreach, fundraising, administration, business, writing or another field? Consider joining our:

  • Outreach Strategy Team
  • Development Team
  • Board of Directors

Curious about how you can become a professional ESD or TESD Instructor? Visit our Professional Training & Certification page.

Volunteering for The Safety Team

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