Empowerment Self-Defense Training

Do I need to be an athlete or have martial arts experience?

No, these classes are designed to provide simple, effective and easy to remember techniques for people with a wide range of physical experience.

Can I attend if I have a physical limitation?

Participants may choose to participate in the physical component to whatever extent they feel comfortable. We encourage attendees to use their own judgment in determining what activities and energy levels feel right for them, and often can adapt techniques to meet varying needs.

How can I get more information about whether this is a good fit for my child or me?

Contact Genie @ genie@thesafetyteam.org .

Will you be holding a class near me?
Check our upcoming schedule! If you don’t see one, consider contacting us to set up a class for your group or community.
What is your gender inclusion policy?

The Safety Team believes that all people deserve to be safe from sexual assault. While we provide services across the gender spectrum, we specialize in classes by women for women and girls and some of our classes are gender-specific. Check our schedule for upcoming classes that meet your needs and if you don’t find one, please contact us so that we can better serve you.

Do you offer private ESD lessons?

Yes, we can often schedule private individual or small group lessons on request.  Please contact Genie @ genie@thesafetyteam.org for planning and pricing.

What should I wear to a workshop?

We recommend wearing flat, comfortable shoes and nonrestrictive clothing that allows you to move freely, such as yoga or exercise clothing or street clothing in fabrics that offer some stretch. Please do not wear high heels which can damage gym floors and mats.

Can I bring a friend or family member to my workshop?

Yes! It’s terrific to bring another person or a group so that you can practice together after the session is over and keep the conversation going! Each person must individually register in advance. Our classes fill, so that we are typically unable to accommodate people who do not sign up in advance.

Are registration fees refundable?

Unfortunately, we are unable to refund workshop registration fees unless a workshop is canceled by The Safety Team, but you may gift your registration to another eligible participant. To transfer your registration to someone you know or donate your reservation to a person in need (which may be tax-deductible), please contact us at least 12 hours prior to the start of the workshop.

In the rare event that The Safety Team must cancel a workshop, registered participants will be provided refunds. If a registered participant is turned away at a workshop due to non-eligibility, the decision whether to issue any full or partial refund will be at The Safety Team’s sole discretion.

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The instructors explained every point, every movement, every situation, every ‘why’. They ‘know their stuff’ and were very, very enthusiastic to share their knowledge. We not only gained valuable information, but had the best time!

— Class participant

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