Trauma Recovery Program:
Therapeutic Empowerment Self-Defense (TESD™)

Therapeutic Self-Defense Training
What is your gender/age inclusion policy for TESD?
At this time we are only able to offer TESD for women over 18 years old.
What can I expect in TESD?

You’ll begin TESD by meeting one-on-one with a licensed mental health professional to discuss your needs, establish a baseline understanding of the process, learn about trauma, trauma activation (“triggering”) and normal neurobiological responses to threat. These sessions help set up expectations and emotional guardrails for the more active group sessions. Additionally, this portion allows you to become comfortable with your therapist and leaves you well prepared for the more active TESD group sessions that follow.

Next is a series of small group sessions facilitated by a TESD certified mental health provider and an additional TESD certified instructor. All participants have indicated that they have experienced some form of traumatic experience, and instructors are well trained to respond to each individual’s needs. ESD techniques are adapted and blended with psychoeducation and basic information to assist with healing.

At the end you will have an opportunity for reflection and closure. Participants have found this process transformational in assisting with healing as well as reassuring to go through this process with other survivors.

What should I wear to a TESD session?

We recommend wearing flat shoes and nonrestrictive clothing that allows you to move freely, such as yoga or exercise clothing or street clothing in fabrics that offer some stretch. Please do not wear high heels which can damage gym floors and mats.

What is the first step to enrolling?

Contact christine@thesafetyteam.org for more information about the participation criteria, registration forms, and any fees involved.

My abuse happened many years ago. Is this program still appropriate?

Yes! TESD has been shown to help participants heal from many types of trauma—both recent, and those that occurred long ago.

For More Information Contact:

Christine DiBlasio, Ph.D., PLC at 802-654-7607 ext. 2 or email christine@thesafetyteam.org


I can’t believe that in only 3 sessions I feel more present in my body than ever before in my life”

I am grateful that you provide such a safe container to move through this experience.

It helps to know there are other women working through these challenges- even if I never see any of you again. I know I am part of a group of women working to empower all women.

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